BitBag Sylius B2B eCommerce Kit:
Ready-made solution to empower your B2B eCommerce development

Launch a Sylius B2B eCommerce faster with a ready-made solution

These days businesses have to face different challenges all the time. Constantly growing competition, changing trends, greater customer expectations – these factors persuade companies to change.

Bearing those in mind, we want to use our eCommerce expertise to help your business get online efficiently and quickly. Therefore, we offer you the implementation of the project with this ready-made solution, full of functionalities adapted to the B2B business model (check a blog post about differences between B2B vs B2C). 

Sylius doesn’t have a dedicated B2B solution yet, but as a Leading Partner, we want to share with you a stable base on which we implement our projects. Sylius B2B Kit is a supplement to the basic solution

It is not just a temporary solution. Instead, it is a wise choice to grow with your business without limitations.

Get the first working and configured prototype after 2 weeks. Start your eCommerce with a well-designed architecture which will last for years and will not slow your business down.


Key features

Benefit from BitBag Sylius B2B Kit

Lower implementation cost

By choosing a package designed especially for B2B, you reduce the cost of implementation. We adjust the previously created solution to your needs without having to write everything from scratch.

Faster implementation time

Relying on existing functionalities is faster than creating them from scratch. Each project is different. However, we decided to collect some functionalities typical for B2B eCommerce. A shorter implementation time means that you can start selling faster.

Proven and stable solutions

When creating functionalities, we relied on proven open-source plugins that the community used hundreds of thousands of times. These are our proprietary solutions, used in our implemented projects.

Need more information about BitBag Sylius B2B Kit?

BitBag Sylius B2B Kit step by step

Save up to 40% on implementation time and cost


#1 step

We will perform a 2-day remote discovery workshop and adapt our offer for your needs. As a result, you will get an implementation strategy proposition and estimation of overall project time and cost
This stage lasts 2-5 days.

#2 step

We will make the back-end and front-end customizations, set up the compatible module, import products, and data and integrate your store with external systems. Our Import/Export layer makes it much easier.
This stage lasts 2-6 weeks.

#3 step

We will develop everything that makes your business unique - integrations, workflows, custom business logic. The B2B Kit is a great start for making this happen in a shorter time and lower overall cost.
This stage lasts up to one week

#4 step

We will introduce you to Sylius B2B eCommerce, show you how to maintain, improve and develop your store. Finally, your online store will be ready to use by customers.

What’s included in our Sylius B2B eCommerce Kit?

Roles Management

The division into roles is necessary for your store staff to operate effectively. Make sure that each employee or department has only the permissions needed for their position.
This functionality of the Sylius B2B Kit has many options to configure the roles. Leaving only the key ones for a given department will make it much easier to focus on your duties and increase your business’s security. Thanks to this solution, you can be sure that no one will accidentally change any data.

BitBag Sylius B2B kit -ACL

Corporate Account Management

A B2B customer account can often consist of many users with different roles and purchasing rights. As a result, your system has to deal with complex corporate account structures. Allow your B2B customers to manage orders, add authorized users, and create purchasing rules regardless of the number of branches in the company.

BitBag Sylius B2B kit -ACL

Internal & External Integrations

Your company probably uses many systems to support daily activities. It is essential to work on real-time updated data to maximize efficiency and save time. Presentation of current stock levels, product prices, and orders synchronization are critical for production or distribution. Thanks to the scalability of Sylius (with a special Kit for B2B eCommerce), you have the freedom to choose integrations that you want to include in your eCommerce system, no matter if it is CRM, ERP, PIM, or any other.

BitBag Sylius B2B kit - Integrations

Product Information Management

Access to detailed product information is crucial for the B2B sector. Your clients are likely to buy products for pragmatic rather than emotional reasons, so you must ensure that product data, including technical information, is correct and complete. Product descriptions, variants, features, photos, marketing materials – all this information will help you present the benefits of your products and answer the questions and concerns of many decision-makers in advance.
Sylius has a built-in basic PIM, which our CMS extends. If there is a need to add an external PIM system, we can easily integrate it using our import/export module.
We have successfully integrated Sylius with Pimcore in the past. So there will also be no problem connecting it with Akeneo or other popular PIM systems.

BitBag Sylius B2B kit - PIM

Orders Management

There are different ways to place an order. For example, some customers prefer to browse products on their own and add them to the cart. Others may be interested in talking directly with the experts from the customer service department in your store.
We met these expectations, enabling the selected employees (with the help of the admin panel) to place an order on behalf of your client.
This straightforward and effective solution facilitates work, creates new sales channels, and enables customers to make purchases in the most convenient way for them.

BitBag Sylius B2B kit - order creation

Search In The Blink Of An Eye

The search engine is one of the essential and most important elements of the eCommerce application interface. It helps to find the products someone is interested in quickly.
Thanks to the support of Elasticsearch, searching will become even better and more effective. When entering the desired phrase, buyers will instantly see suggestions straight from your store. In addition, customers will gain time and confidence that the searched product actually exists in the database. This solution will become an excellent tool for discovering your offer.

BitBag Sylius B2B kit - Elasticsearch

Convenient Payments

Clients of the B2B sector especially appreciate the efficient execution of the order – issuing a proforma invoice and then the appropriate document and the possibility of quick payment via an intuitive online payment system.
To make payments affordable, you may choose from many existing integrations with PSP.

BitBag Sylius B2B kit - Payments

Advanced Shipping

Like everything else, B2B customers have their own specific needs when it comes to shipping. To meet these needs, we have created many advanced ready-to-use shipping features so you can easily manage to ship the order. For example, you may want to define a list of locations for different customer groups to choose from at checkout; instead of letting them enter their own shipping address. The possibilities are endless.

BitBag Sylius B2B kit -shipping

Are you already convinced that Sylius B2B Kit is the best solution for your eCommerce?


The extremely popular wishlist has become an indispensable feature in eCommerce applications. Before making a purchase, users often browse the categories and save the products that caught their attention to see their details later.
The wish list makes the process mentioned above easier for the potential customer. Thanks to this option, the client will stay on your website without having to list his favorites in other applications, notebooks, or browser tabs. In addition, this solution will help your customers quickly add products to the list and then directly from it – to the basket, specifying their number and, if any, variants (e.g. size, color).

BitBag Sylius B2B kit - wishlist

Getting More For Less

You can allow your customer to purchase existing products as kits at a more attractive price than if purchased separately.
By analyzing the needs of businesses and users, we have built a flexible solution that will allow you to create:

  • A set of many products in one package with a fixed, defined price.The user adds one product to the basket, consisting of many others with predefined variants.
  • A set of many independent products.With one click, the user adds many products to the basket and can adjust the order to his needs by changing their quantity or variants.

You don’t have to worry about the product inventory – mechanism will do it for you!

BitBag Sylius B2B kit - product bundle

Allow Buying Complementary Products

One of the popular strategies to increase sales is offering customers products or services related to the currently viewed offer. For example, a laptop buyer will most likely be interested in a matching bag, accessories, or insurance.
Our advanced algorithm will display the associated products that users most often bought together. As a result, it will save your customers’ time by presenting them with a tailored offer and will allow you to increase sales.

BitBag Sylius B2B kit - complementary products


Email messages and newsletters are one of the main communication channels with customers. This way, you can inform them about the status of orders, shipping, new products or promotions, and even submit discount codes. Such mailing will make your customers feel cared for, and they will be more likely to come back for their next shopping.
This functionality will allow you to easily create effective and visually attractive e-mails that will engage your recipients.

BitBag Sylius B2B kit - Newsletter

One Step To Get

The long shopping process, which is divided into many steps with forms loading simultaneously, is as pleasant as queuing the store. In this case, cart abandonment is very likely to happen. We have simplified and accelerated the purchasing process to avoid this, limiting it to one intuitive step. Just enter your details, choose a shipping and payment method, and you’re done! And all this is done without reloading the page. Simple, isn’t it?

BitBag Sylius B2B kit - Single page checkout

Wholesale Orders Have Never Been So Easy

What if it was possible to place a wholesale order with many items and variants on one subpage without having to browse many categories?
With B2B customers in mind, we have created this functionality. All you have to do is enter the SKU code in the table or start typing the name of the assortment. The advanced search engine will display suggestions in the form of products in your store in the blink of an eye. Then, specify the desired number and add everything to the basket with one click.

BitBag Sylius B2B kit - quick shipping
Why us?

We are the Sylius Leading Partner

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Live implementations we are proud of


One of the top-of-mind Sylius payment solutions

  • Many payment methods included
  • Refunds
  • Easy addition of new payment methods via the drop-in
BitBag is a strong partner and a great addition to our partner network. We are very happy with the plugin that their team has built in collaboration with us to bring the Adyen all-in-one payment platform to merchants on Sylius, thus enabling even more growth opportunities for their businesses.
Sascha Schwägele
Senior Manager Commercial Partnerships
at Adyen
Sascha Schwägele


Efficient and modern PWA solution - from WooCommerce to VueStorefront<->Sylius integration

  • Migration from WooCommerce
  • Headless solution with Sylius backend under the hood
  • Pimcore implementation


The most powerful eCommerce search engine build on top of Sylius

  • Implementation of search engine
  • Single-page checkout
  • Mini- and multi-basket
  • Multi-source inventory

The great advantage of our cooperation is that we managed to find a common language with developers and front-enders.
Thanks to this, our meetings and work progress very effectively!

Grzegorz Berłowski
Albeco vice-president, CIO

Familie Wiesner Gastronomie

Familie Wiesner Gastronomie Group

  • Data migration
  • Integration with multiple CMSs, marketing automation tools and ERPs
  • Centralized, omnichannel headless eCommerce based on Sylius
Working with BitBag makes Software Development effortless. Their solutions are excellent and stand the test of time.
Mattias Gysin
Project Manager
at Guave Studios GmbH


One of the leading e-grocery stores
based on Sylius in Belarus

  • +400%
    Increase in online sales
  • +250%
    Increase of mobile traffic
  • +70%
    Faster page loading time
BitBag helped us with delivering a project previous agency failed to do. They have extensive knowledge of Sylius & eCommerce software which makes their work efficient, more stable and less expensive than that of their competitors, especially in the long term.
Aliaksei Arochka
P24.BY Product Owner


Beautiful Sylius B2C
selling polish folk products online and offline

  • Sylius B2C eCommerce platform
  • CMS integration
  • Data migration

We chose BitBag because we believed that they are the company that best knows how to use Sylius to build an e-commerce platform. It was the right choice, BitBag helped us to build a system that not only saves our money but also allows us to build our business without fear of being limited by software.
Jarosław Majcher
CTO Folkstar

PHPers Summit

A comprehensive platform for selling tickets

  • Ticket selling system
  • Ticket reservation system
  • Great performance
Cooperation with BitBag and choosing Sylius was one of our best decisions. In a short time, we received a flexible solution for selling tickets that meets all our expectations. The professional approach and commitment of the entire team made the end result of our cooperation very satisfying.
Sebastian Dudek
Event Manager at PHPers

WestCoast Gifts

Smoking accessories
for the cannabis connoisseur

  • Technical advisory
  • Tailored B2B eCommerce based on Sylius & BitBag B2B Kit
  • UI implementation
  • SAP & Wordpress integration
  • Shopify data migration
  • Agile due to new legal opportunities

Despite an extensive time difference, BitBag's attention to detail and willingness to look out for the best interests of our business has allowed us to scale our online presence and expand our business into new markets. We appreciate BitBag's patient approach and the clarity they provide when it comes to meeting our requests and planning new development. They have performed numerous services for us including a UX audit and numerous development projects, and even offer insights into the most efficient ways to scale up our online operations. Whether it be over video calls or through any of our many daily check-ins, BitBag is always willing to offer us detailed feedback and guidance on many aspects of our eCommerce platform. This also includes working alongside other external agencies and developers, which requires attention to detail and extensive cooperation.
Kato von Essen
Content Director at West Coast Gifts Inc.

Clickable Automotive

Migration from Magento 1 to Sylius.
The time zone is no longer a barrier.

  • Implementation of search engine - Quick-finder and fitment
  • Promotion system
  • Single page checkout
  • Order management

A specialized online store that provides BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, and Skoda parts.


Innovative food delivery service
on a mission to help

  • 3 weeks
    Time of implementation
  • Advanced customization
  • Data migration and integration

Get a flexible platform

Set up B2B eCommerce with Sylius B2B Kit and save time and money!