diversify your revenue sources

Spread up your wings and benefit from
Multi-Vendor Marketplace

What you may get

Benefits of Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Utilise your existing eCommerce traffic in a new channel

New sales channel to use your eCommerce traffic without paying for remarketing. Focus on running a marketplace and leave the rest to vendors.

Take over the market with a wide range of products

Wide range of products guaranteed by different sellers. Once your customers have everything in one place, it less possible that they would choose to buy somewhere else.

Don't worry about product storage and shipment logistics

You don't have to watch the stock levels, shipping methods and bear the risk if the goods are not sold as you do in your 'normal' eCommerce.

MVM Platform? Execute your plan with BitBag!

  • B2B market has its own, specified needs. We want firstly to talk about your vision to make sure it’s 100% understandable.
  • With over 100 practical implementations in more than 20 countries of eCommerce projects, we are ready to meet any challenge.
  • The technologies we use will stand the test of time thanks to the highest quality of code.
  • Core and certified contributors of Sylius – open-source eCommerce platform.
  • Large variety of customers – manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers.
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