Sylius - An Open-Source Headless eCommerce Platform Tailored For Your Needs

Meet Sylius - Flexible Solution For Every eCommerce Leader - From Small to Enterprise Businesses

Sylius is an open-source headless eCommerce solution, dedicated to small, mid-market, and enterprises –  but it’s much more than that. With a modern approach, Sylius can be very flexible and extensible, keeping the unlimited scalability that continuously adapts to your workflow. It is an excellent base for building eCommerce, thanks to the lack of limitations with adding (new) functionalities. As a single solution, it provides great performance compared to other eCommerce solutions.

It is a solution for the PHP scripting language, based on the Symfony framework, with plenty of reusable components. This platform has already proven itself in many different markets with the constant growth of popularity all over the eCommerce world.

Sylius was developed to become the heart of your business stack, an eCommerce platform that can connect ERPs, CRMs, PIMs, and many other tools in one place.

The main use of Sylius are:

  • B2B eCommerce
  • B2C eCommerce
  • Multi-vendor marketplace

Sylius became a next-generation solution that can be easily tailored for your needs – make use of it and become an eCommerce leader in your market.

Get the best fit

How much Sylius costs?

Sylius is an open-source solution, but it also exists a commercial version of Sylius, which is called Sylius Plus. Sylius Plus gives you all the features from the basic open-source version and much more.
It comes with a pack of high-quality extensions dedicated to enterprises and provides technical support from Sylius creators. The price of Sylius Plus starts at 14 900 EUR annually, but as already mentioned it does not cover only the features.


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Key features

What's inside Sylius Plus?

Multi-store management

Run operations smoothly in different stores from one admin panel.

Partial order fulfillment

Send part of the order today and the rest at any different time.

Multi-source inventory

Control single or multi-channel inventory and sales channels.

Advanced user permissions

Assign people to specific roles in and manage access to different sections of your application.

Admins per channel

You may choose an administrator for each channel.

Loyalty system

Build long-term relationships with customers and motivate them to place orders in your store.
Who is the best for?

Sylius as the comprehensive eCommerce solution

  • Sylius is a best-of-breed eCommerce solution for medium-sized and enterprise businesses due to its flexibility and scalability. Even the most complicated project can be made on Sylius without any risks, keeping the code quality at its highest level.
  • Sylius is not too popular in the small business market due to the necessary development at the early stages. The core version of open-source Sylius is a solid foundation that needs to be customized for your project purposes.
Modern solution with growth in mind

Benefit from Sylius

Highly customizable

Your Sylius project can be fully tailored for your needs.


Sylius comes with a great performance out-of-the-box.


A fast and flexible framework for PHP.

Headless & PWA ready

Sylius comes with a powerful REST API.

Highest quality standards

Proven with experience of creators, tested & testable.

Easily integrable

Easy to integrate with any existing solutions on the market.


Make it easy for your customers to buy through any device and any channel.


Manage all of your shops from one place.
Trust in framework & company

Examples of companies that have trusted Sylius

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Sylius-related services

B2B eCommerce

Create a modern platform that will align and scale with your business.

B2C eCommerce

Create an e-shop your customers will love. Invent and add functionalities without being blocked by technology.

eCommerce Workshops

Prepare a good plan for your eCommerce. Rely on experience and end up with a solid project architecture.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Create your own marketplace and growth on your vendor's sales.

Plugin Development

Extend your eCommerce with different plugins. The possibilities are endless!
Believe in experience

Our live Sylius Projects


Fredy Wiesner Gastronomie Group

  • Création de solutions pour un eCommerce headless omnicanal
  • Migration de données
  • Automatisation du marketing
Working with BitBag makes Software Development effortless. Their solutions are excellent and stand the test of time.
Mattias Gysin


One of the leading e-grocery stores
based on Sylius in Belarus

  • +400%
    Increase in online sales
  • +250%
    Increase of mobile traffic
  • +70%
    Faster page loading time
BitBag helped us with delivering a project previous agency failed to do. They have extensive knowledge of Sylius & eCommerce software which makes their work efficient, more stable and less expensive than that of their competitors, especially in the long term.
Aliaksei Arochka
P24.BY Product Owner


Plateforme Sylius B2C bien pensée vendant des produits folkloriques polonais en ligne et hors ligne

  • Plateforme eCommerce Sylius B2C
  • Intégration CMS
  • Migration des données

We chose BitBag because we believed that they are the company that best knows how to use Sylius to build an e-commerce platform. It was the right choice, BitBag helped us to build a system that not only saves our money but also allows us to build our business without fear of being limited by software.
Jarosław Majcher


Le service innovant de livraison de nourriture qui simplifie la vie quotidienne

  • Grâce à l'approche agile, nous avons créé la plateforme eCommerce personnalisée basant sur Sylius en 3 semaines.

  • Personnalisation avancée
  • Migration et intégration de données

WestCoast Gifts

Accessoires pour fumeurs pour les connaisseurs de cannabis

  • La mise en œuvre du logiciel B2B sur-mesure
  • La migration de Shopify vers Sylius
  • Livraison rapide grâce à de nouvelles possibilités juridiques


After working with BitBag closely over the past 12 months, I can confidently say that they are the premier option to work with for the development of a Sylius-powered e-commerce platform. They have a deep knowledge of the software and are highly competent with the implementation of custom features and functionality. The experience of working with them has also been excellent-clear, timely communication, transparent billing practices, and a potent sense of urgency towards the project. We would gladly partner with BitBag again.
Alex Nelson
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Anna Kostrzewska
New Business Developer
Languages: French, English, Polish
Radosław Żurawski
New Business Developer
Languages: English, Polish
Michael Żdanow
New Business Developer
Languages: German, English, Polish