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BitBag is a company of people who love what they do and do it right. We fulfill the eCommerce technology stack with Sylius, Shopware, VueStorefront, Ibexa DXP, Pimcore, & Akeneo. Our goal is to provide real digital transformation with an agile solution that scales with the clients’ needs. In the past few years, we had a chance to modernize eCommerce markets in over 25 countries from all over the world.
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Your ideas, our experience.

We are advisers in the first place. We start each project with a diagnosis of problems and analyze the needs and goals that the client wants to achieve. Then, we build unforgettable, consistent digital customer journeys and create dedicated systems and applications that let businesses grow.

Sylius/Shopware against your framework

The following data is based on the knowledge of our developers and expresses our point of view. The criteria that have been selected are, in our opinion, one of the most important concerning eCommerce systems. The comparison is subjective.


Big Community

Marketing & SEO Friendly

Good performance out-of-the-box

Low maintenance cost


Clean and standardized code

Easy to develop

Open-source version


Requires programming knowledge to launch MVP

Requires programming knowledge to continue working with it

Variety of plugins

Good documentation

Good for small businesses

Good for medium businesses

Good for Enterprise

Good security

Paid plugins

Easy to implement custom business logic



Implementation cost

Effort to implement

Safety / Security

Suitable for



We will help you choose the right eCommerce!

Common problems

Familiar issues faced by our customers

Technical debt

Additional work has to be done to refactor the code. Often caused by prioritizing delivery speed over code quality.

Difficulty in further development

Choosing the right platform for your eCommerce will be crucial for your business logic customizations.

Poor website performance

It may affect your SEO negatively, which converts into losing traffic on your website. Customers' expectations in terms of performance and website speed get higher every year.

Lack of flexibility

One of the biggest problems of modern eCommerce frameworks. How can you distinguish yourself from the competition without flexibility?

Lack of crucial functionalities

Not having basic functionalities on your website might force your customers out to competitors.

No mobile website version

How many sales do you miss by not having a mobile website? 79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile devices.

Bad application architecture

Can you imagine setting up your business on a weak foundation? The better the architecture, the longer your website will stand in a good performance.

Difficulty finding programmers

The more developers are experienced with your framework, the bigger is chance to find a true specialist. Also, the bigger is the community, the faster you can get solutions to your problems.
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Technologies used by leaders

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The importance of choosing the right eCommerce platform

We could provide you with thousands of reasons why choosing the right eCommerce platform is so important, but it is worth considering the real deal – what brings clients to your website and makes them come back over and over again.

Performance and a well-customized website are crucial in this case. People do not want to wait over ten seconds to wait for your website to respond. Once you get the performance at its best, you want to make sure there is something unusual on your website to make your clients choose your website over competitors. In this case, a scalable platform is a must-have for modern eCommerce approaches.

  • Your needs may change at every moment, just like the market’s needs. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any limitations while customizing your website.
  • You probably know that the performance of your eCommerce is one of the crucial factors that influence your position in Google.
    The premise is simple: faster website = higher position in Google = higher profit.
    So take advantage of your competitors’ technical debt and stay ahead of them.
  • When considering a platform, choose one developed by a large community, i.e., based on popular and modern eCommerce solutions.
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