Elvi project

Elvi project

The client

Lensvision.ch is the leading lens specialist in Switzerland.

They are selling their products via a B2C Oxid web store with custom B2B features that allow making optician appointments from various locations over the country. They are taking care of the selling process started by an optician or a customer in B2C, followed by made to order request to the specific fulfiller ending up with the shipment from Lensvision’s warehouse. Right now, they are offering scheduling optician’s appointments from 25 different locations in Switzerland and selling more than 1500000 lenses per month from 200 different fulfillers.


As Lensvision started to grow so much in the Swiss market, they decided to expand their business. Knowing everyday problems from the optic industry, they figured out that there are many opticians with limited access to the best fulfillers due to legacy software standards. They decided to provide a mobile app alongside an eCommerce web module for a specific optician, within which he can do the interview process, manage appointments and order lenses for a particular customer. The web eCommerce app should be an addition to the Optician’s website. It has to allow the customers to order their lenses online, having the information about lens parameters stored for the optician they are visiting.


The biggest challenge of the project was to design a proper microservice architecture that would aggregate all the data and is flexible enough to expand for more fulfillers. Elvi team decided to work on top of PHP & Symfony. However, they hadn’t had much Sylius experience at that time.
Building a mobile & web eCommerce app
Projecting the proper API layer for orders and appointments
Building an ERP system for fulfillment connectors
Integrating with a CRM
Setting up a microservices architecture alongside automated deployment processes

& Outcome

Our technical team joined Elvi project as Sylius & Symfony specialists. Starting with one person as a consulting, we participated in the proof of concepts checking up Sylius performance, setting up data models, migrating the current business data. To help understand and implement the best Sylius & Symfony practices and standards, we provided a list of recommendations and suggestions. Later on, we actively participated in the project development with the Elvi developers team expanding our cooperation up to 4 people.
Lensvision got a working product that helped them to find funding for the next years
After the first MVP version was released, they opened their business for 50 new opticians.
The average number of sold lenses has doubled and they opened to a brand new industry.
Their future plan is to acquire new countries and become the leader of the market.


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