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P24.by - online grocery store

Reduced website loading time By 60-70%
Increased mobile conversion rate from 1.5% To 3%

The Problem

P24 wanted to move their current web-store to the Sylius solutions and scale it with business. The main problem their web-store was facing was an overall slowness, which is no wonder considering the huge product database. What they needed was an efficient CMS and powerful search option. Also, the ordering, invoicing and reporting process needed a revamp.


When BitBag took over the project, it already has been in the works for some time. Nonetheless, we had to get a grip on the impressive number of products (over 120 000 entries!). p24 wanted the online store to be available also as a Progressive Web App. 

- Single Page App mobile experience with a headless eCommerce,
- Improving the shopping experience by adding a Wishlist, a faster search option and a reservation option,
- Optimization of the check-out and ordering process,
- Implementing a powerful CMS,
- Securing the accesses to the admin panel,
- Increased scalability.


We provided a set of Sylius customizations in order to achieve all business goals. We used Elasticsearch for data filtering, our CMS integration for content management, developed an ACL for role management and finished the Vue.js SPA integrated with Sylius headless shop api. On top of that, we also migrated the data using our Import/Export module. Before we launched the project, we took care of optimizing page loads and configured the Google Cloud service to make it work. 


The client increased his online sales by 400%. The page load decreased by 70% and due to the great mobile experience, the mobile traffic increased by 250%. More flexible platform gave the possibility to find long-term clients and a stable income of a new online channel.


Aliaksei Arochka
P24.by Product Owner

BitBag helped us with delivering a project previous agency failed to do. They have a huge Sylius & eCommerce knowledge which makes their work efficient, more stable and cheaper than the competitors, especially in the long term.