Omnichannel headless eCommerce:

Sylius-based solution

Guave - omnichannel headless Sylius-based eCommerce case study
Guave - omnichannel headless Sylius-based eCommerce case study

Fredy Wiesner Gastronomie Group


The Swiss family business operating on the market since the 1990s.They employ about 720 people. They provide concepts to make the gastronomy experience delightful. With 31 establishments in different cities, they want to leave a lasting mark on the Swiss gastronomic landscape.


We were reached out by Guave Studios, FWG partner web agency from Zurich to help them with a headless eCommerce on top of Sylius. They have a lot of different restaurants, and each of these restaurants was served by different CMS. It resulted in the decentralization and dispersion of data. They needed Omnichannel eCommerce to handle more than 80 different channels of the sale in a single Sylius instance. They required a specialized service system and a central integration point for
their food delivery.

  • Building Omnichannel eCommerce solution
  • Integrating with various systems
  • Migrating of data

& Outcome

After a prosperous implementation, Fredy Wiesner Gastronomie Group is successfully migrating brands, plugging in multiple front interfaces as custom CMS systems and Point Of Sales in their restaurants. The system works efficiently and is tested to handle all 80 different channels by the end
of 2020.

  • Headless API-driven omnichannel solution as a Sylius instance
  • Legacy data migration – import/export (related to products and historical orders)
  • Marketing automation integration
  • Custom back-end logistics
  • Performance issues solved

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Fredy Wiesner Gastronomie Group

  • Omnichannel headless eCommerce solution
  • Data migration
  • Marketing automation
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