The client

BestValue is the biggest duty-free store chain in Romania. Their main area of business is selling duty-free goods for travelers online. The store is available only for validated travelers. Offering the comfort of ordering online instead of buying and carrying products from brick and mortar airport stores makes their business innovative. With hundreds of thousands of happy customers & products, they are leaders of their market.


BestValue got to a point where the default Sylius PIM was not enough. They needed a new way to automate product information processing and eliminate content bugs.


  • Design a standarized input format
  • Develop an import/export module with the Sylius PIM UI integration
  • Handle invalid data
  • Optimize the performance of huge amount of records


We provided a Sylius Import/Export processor for a designed format using the Symfony Validator component in order to check the data consistency. The module has been tested using BDD techniques in various edge cases. The project has been completed within few weeks.


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