What are we like?

We are honest people; we say what it is. You won’t get fruit on Thursday and Beer on Friday with us, but we don’t beat around the bush either. At BitBag, we greatly appreciate our employees and allow them to develop. We want to work with people who want to build; they are driven by determination. If you join us, you will become a member of an environment that will help you achieve your professional goals.

At BitBag, we create advanced online sales systems in PHP.

The projects we participate in last at least a few months because we run them by the conviction of quality, not quantity. Remember that many people will use your code. There is no place for PHP’s lack of standards or arbitrariness for online sales.

  • Most of our projects are eCommerce from the B2C, B2B, Multi-vendor Marketplace segments,
  • We only work with the Symfony framework and its components, bundles, or platforms that use it,
  • Part of your work will be based on our open-source software, which has been installed several hundred thousand times around the world,
  • We use Slack, Google Hangouts, Zoom, JIRA, GitHub, TravisCI, Scrutinizer, and PHPStorm for work.
    (you don’t need to know these platforms, we’ll show you onboarding what and how),
  • Our teams consist of up to 5 people,
  • We run daily in our groups.

What remuneration do we offer?

14 500 – 18 500 zł NET (B2B, UoD)

Who is our ideal candidate?

Our ideal candidate has essential experience in working with the Symfony framework, and above all, is a responsible, communicative, determined, honest person who wants to develop and improve their competencies.

Would you like to know more about our philosophy? Check the entry of our CTO and BitBag co-founder.

What skills do you need to have?

  • Ability to mentor a team of less experienced programmers,
  • Communicativeness,
  • Proposing an appropriate solution, based on the requirements,
  • PHP programming language,
  • Knowledge of the Symfony framework,
  • Knowledge of the Git version control system,
  • Writing clean code,
  • Impeccable organization,
  • English
  • PHP – OOP, Decorator, Dependency Injection, good code writing practices, PSR, SOLID, DRY, KISS standards,
  • Doctrine.

Knowledge of the following is appreciated

  • PHPUnit,
  • Sylius,
  • Shopware,
  • Pimcore.

Where do we have an office?

We have an office in Wrocław, and it is at your disposal if you need it. However, at BitBag, we have worked 100% remotely since the company was founded.

Arguments why you should apply to BitBag:

  • We have a quick recruitment process (See below),
  • We’ve refined our onboarding process to perfection,
  • You have the contract you need (B2B, UoZ, UoD),
  • We will provide you with stable and long-term employment,
  • With us, you have a tangible impact on the company’s activities through the participation and development of projects in which you participate,
  • We allow you to participate in conferences around the world,
  • You will work with international clients from the USA, Switzerland, France, Germany,
  • Because we don’t have overtime,
  • Because we respect work-life-balance,
  • Because we believe in high personal culture, understanding, openness, cooperation, and impeccable communication, we demand these values ​​from both ourselves and our clients.
  • We have a flexible start of work, we usually start work before 10 o’clock – but with us, you can decide for yourself whether you prefer to start at 6 or 9,
  • Code review, tests, static code analysis,
  • We always send the payment in the first days of the month,
  • 26 days off paid a year,
  • We support your English language! You can take lessons during working hours,
  • We do not limit the development budget, convince us what you need, and we will provide it for you,
  • We have an internal library available to everyone,
  • We give you medical care and a MultiSport card,
  • We have an excellent gaming corner,
  • The Developers Guild supports you.

Plus a great atmosphere, well-organized and enthusiastic team.
Check our Instagram.

Why do we need the Developers Guild?

The Developers’ Guild is a place for our BitBaggers. This is where they can consult and learn from more experienced colleagues. Meeting in a small group, they discuss and finally create the standards for BitBag, which are then presented to the rest of the team.

  • Periodic meetings for interested BitBaggers,
  • A place where we share and expand our knowledge,
  • We have a real impact on building coding standards in the company,
  • We can develop the field/direction of interest that the company supports.

How is the recruitment in BitBag?

Join us and start a new and exciting career.